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Fire Dance IISculpting Fire Dance II with a local photographer~ I had a great time this past spring working with a photographer who was interested in following the start to finish process of a sculpture.  Amber Briglio a few visits over the course of a week or two to capture images from raw wood to finished piece, and then put together the amazing photos into an article for her blog and website.  Please click on her name above and check it out.  I would like to pass on her words and images, and express my gratitude and joy for her ability to capture the rough, behind-the-scenes work of sculpting that comes before the final product.  Thank you Amber!  Here are just a few of the photos… I started roughing in the shape of the sculpture from the raw log in the shade of the forest, also so the wood chips could fly freely.


Then I moved into my workshop to finish the carving and sanding.  I wasn’t sure exactly how this piece was going to turn out, although I had a few ideas based on some of the initial movements of the wood.  Things change along the way, however, as more of the wood is uncovered and different colours and textures start to show up.  I noticed the colourations of dark and light andwas inspired to work with this feature as I carved out the twisting tips at the top.  I also like to try and leave some section of the raw wood, as I think it is a great reminder of the unprotected outer layer that is exposed to the natural elements, and which covers up a beautiful resource underneath.







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