Thuja Wood Art welcomes commissioned work from around the world.  All of the items on this website already have homes, but offer ideas and inspiration for new custom creations.  If you saw something you liked, or have a whole new idea, let us know and we can work on designs to meet your needs. Use our contact form below if you’d like start a dialogue with Colin, or for more information about our work that you’ve seen on this site.

We do not sell raw cedar material, such as fencing (grapestakes, posts, and rails).  Shipping is based on weight and volume, so items above a certain size require extra packaging, (palletized or crated).  Benches can be custom made to be disassembled, shipped in a smaller volume, and reassembled on site.  Contact us for more information on shipping costs.

Soon we will be selling Gate Latches, Hinges, and Related Hardware through our online store on this website. We designed them ourselves and we’re working with an artisan metal worker who not only realizes our designs in their full functionality and beauty, he and his team operate their business ethically in line with our values and we are excited and proud about what we will soon be offering in our online store.

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