Framework For An Outdoor Living Space

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This project is on a beautiful waterfront property on Gabriola Island.  The clients hired an landscape architect to design the yard and spaces, who in turn asked me to build the wood partitions and gates with salvaged hand split red cedar.  This is the same property I did some double gates down to the ocean access a year ago.

The goal of the design is to create a series of functional outdoor rooms/spaces.  The deck is only one step up from the paved area, and will have outdoor couches for lounging on.  I liked the small trees and shrubs planted around the seating area, and wanted to create a sight line into them, so I left the pickets low and undulating (which creates another landscape feel in itself).

Beside the deck is an outdoor fire and a hot tub with an outdoor shower, for which I made saloon style hand split cedar double gates that open either way and return to closed automatically.  I recreated the style of the beach access gates to provide continuity throughout the ptoject.  Around the hot tub is a simple grapestake partition with some tall thin spaces I filled out with more lattice type split cedar to create different accents.  Wish I was able to sit here and watch the whales go by all day…


Colin Hamilton

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