Raven Memorial Bench

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This is one of many memorial benches I have done this past year.  I really like how much I can work with clients to customize their bench.  This client is the sister of the deceased and wanted to include a raven with the bench as this was a special animal to her brother.  At first I was going to carve the raven as well, but with time and other factors it was much easier to find a raven already carved and attach it to the bench.  You will notice that I left one of the back posts taller for the raven to sit on so that it didn’t interfere with anyone sitting on the bench, but gave the feeling of the bird being nearby or on your shoulder (a big part of continuing to remember).

The bench is made entirely from salvaged old growth red cedar I find on the beaches around the Salish Sea.   These were some very nice pieces of wood with beautiful colouration.  I used a Festool Domino Joiner to make all the mortise and floating tenon joinery in the bench.   The client also decided to have the words carved and painted up in the top corner of the bench near the raven, again drawing one to associate the raven and wording together.

A lovely project that the client was very happy with…

If you are interested in a memorial bench please contact me, and lets see if we can make something to fit your project and ideas!


Colin Hamilton

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