Live edge table on the Gulf Islands

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New furniture made from reclaimed red cedar

Pat is one happy lady these days.  She has a new table from Thujawoodart!  She lives on the Gulf Islands in British Columbia, Canada.  This furniture was designed to live behind her couch and hold pottery and flowers.  That is why it is 4′ long and only 15″ across.  The top is one piece of cedar, with the beautiful live edge left for all to appreciate the wonderful shapes nature creates.  In fact the whole table is made from hand split salvaged red cedar.  The wood is stained with Landark, an all natural clear stain made of tung oil, linseed oil, beeswax, pine rosin, and citrus.  What a joy to work with these materials.  The joinery is mortise and tenon with hardwood pegs.  If you look closely the legs all flare out slightly near the ground, the beauty of using one piece of wood split into most of the parts for one piece of furniture.


Colin Hamilton

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