Land conservation signs on Pender Island, BC

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The Pender Island Land Conservancy has asked me to do many signs over the last couple years that would reflect the wonderful lands that have been placed under covenants.  I am honoured to be able to help make these signs by using reclaimed red cedar that I have salvaged from right here in the islands.  Land conservation is an important tool that I am glad to see local government and groups supporting with financial aid and proper recognition.  I am always surprised when I hike up to the top of George Hill behind my house, with views of all the Southern Gulf Islands, and Vancouver Island, that you can barely see any houses… mostly just trees!  Now there are houses hiding in those trees, but its inspiring to live in a place with so many trees.  (though they are mostly large second growth as this whole area was logged during the early last century)  I recently purchased 3 acres of land on Pender Island, and 2 of those acres are totally wooded with cedar, fir, and arbutus trees.  I hope to some day soon place a covenant on these woods preserving them for the health of my children, and community.  But for now, I can help and be inspired by building handcrafted signs for those who have taken that step in the right direction to preserve and protect our earth.  Here are a couple examples of signs that I have done on Pender Island for the local Land Conservancy, Islands Trust, and the Nancy Waxler Morrison Fund.


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