Herb Garden Fence

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Therb garden- gatehis little fencing project was designed to create a usable space where it did not exist before on a steep rocky slope.  The client wanted to have a herb garden just off their deck, but with the prolific deer on this island you have to fence everything.  They decided to do some simple stone terracing themselves to create little beds in the hillside to grow herbs.  The fence creates a little enclosure where they can garden, but also an artistic feature to enjoy from their deck.  herb gerden fencingThe fence is built like I always do with metal post brackets set in concrete to hold up the posts.  In some places I had to have custom made metal brackets so that I could bolt them directly to the large rocks.  The fence is designed to be more solid along the back and open on the house side, to create the effect of an outdoor room.  I used all reclaimed red cedar driftwood for the project.  This fence covers some steep rocky terrain, so we let the pickets come down below the lower rail to a few inches from the ground to keep the deer out.  herb gardenWe tried to keep the feel light and airy with minimal fencing facing the house, but added some artistic flow to the project with curved cedar pieces added to the fencing. There is a hand split cedar mortise and tenon gate as the entrance to the herb garden.  The sprung latch is one I designed and had custom made by Callum McKay (stainlessbydesign.ca), using stainless steel.  Another fun local project!

herb garden fence


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