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library signThis is a great project I was asked to bid on for our local Library which needed a new sign.  They wanted something large to be easily read, but also with a roof and style that fits in with the surrounding nature of the spot.  I designed this sign which is 8′ tall with the roof, and 8′ wide at the roof.  The main body of the sign is roughly 4′ tall by 6′ across.  The posts flare slightly wider near the ground giving a sense of balance and footing as the roof makes it top heavy.  The posts are bolted to metal saddles which are set in concrete and up off the ground a few inches so that the wood will always dry and not be sitting on the soil.  I used mortise and tenon joinery to attach the rails framing the body of the sign and for the main curved beam at the top of the posts which holds the roof.  The roof is made from cedar shakes I split by hand and assembled with a staple gun over a simple frame.  I like the slight curve of the roof as it mimic’s the curve in the upper lettering.  library signI carved the lettering into the wood after shooting the lettering image at the sign with an art projector and tracing the design onto the wood.  I use OneShot sign paint to finish the lettering.  The body and posts of the sign I finished with OSMO exterior oil, and left the roof to go silver over time with the elements.  Thank you so the library for the opportunity to do such a fun public project.


Colin Hamilton

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