Fairy King’s Throne

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throne in the woodsThis summer, during a wood collecting excursion, I found a single piece of cedar on the beach that was almost seven feet long and four feet across, but was only a width of six inches with a slight curve reflecting the circumference of what was once a very large and majestic tree. At one end, erosion from the elements had carved spires of different sizes, and the front and back were weather beaten and grey.  It immediately struck me that it could become the back rest of a chair.  At home, I took off one of the deeper cut spires that was a little too splintered, and cut off the bottom two feet of the piece which then became the seat of the chair.  Cutting an arch into the bottom of the one long piece created two back legs, with the back of the chair now standing at a height of over 5 feet.  I used the piece I cut off the bottom for the seat and flipped it around so that the seat has a comfortable dip in the middle.   I found some other pieces of complimentary cedar to become the arms and the front legs.  Some sanding and carving was needed to create a smooth and comfortable seat and back rest, and a few coats of natural (Landark) oil brought out the colours and intricate growth patterns of the cedar. throne chair I left the back of the chair with the natural weathered appearance that it had when I found it, and did the same with the front legs to visually continue the contrasted state of the cedar.  Each piece of cedar that I work with has it’s own story of life, death, and transformation.  The majesty that this tree perhaps once was became a part of the imagining story as the throne-like nature of the chair emerged.

This is the first piece of woodworking in a series of furniture that has not been commissioned.  It follows my inspiration for finding pieces and dreaming what they might become.


putting in the seat



throne chair

fairy chair


back of the throne


Colin Hamilton

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