Colorado gates

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Colorado gatesThese hand split cedar gates double as a vehicle access and as a pedestrian entrance.  A good example of what can be shipped and reassembled, these double gates and arbour were made in my shop and then sent in pieces to Colorado.  Single Obermeyer gate in shopAll the wood is salvaged red cedar split by hand, and I used all mortise and tenon joinery with pegs to assemble the gates and arbour.  I built the arbour first to the specifications of the client who needed to be able to drive a small tractor through the arbour to access the orchard behind it.  I then assembled the posts and arbour in my shop so that I could properly size the double gates. The gates are a nice classic design, just over 3′ wide each, with the opening totaling 7′ across, by 7′ plus tall.  For the hinges, latch, and cane bolt, I had custom stainless steel hardware made. Obermeyer Gates in shop I also sent the client two metal post brackets that were set in concrete with the posts bolted to each making a very rigid structure and also keeping the cedar posts up off the ground so that they do not rot.  I sent the two gates in one box, and the arbour posts, beam and hardware in another box.  The shipping cost around $400 by UPS International.  Thank you to the Obermeyer’s for a great project!







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