Collaborative Art Project with lace artist Lenka

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wood and laceLenka Suchanek is a self-taught lacemaker and lace designer.  She works in the centuries old European techniques of handmade bobbin lace and needle lace, bringing them to life in pictures, sculptures and wearable art. Specializing in metal lace, she uses fine wires of copper, bronze, steel, and precious metals to create unique pieces that are traditional and modern at the same time. Lenka’s work has been exhibited around the world, and received awards and recognition for the original approach to the traditional craft.

the offeringColin and Lenka met this year, because they were both ready to explore new aspects of their craft disciplines: Colin is drawn to making sculptures, which would reveal the natural beauty he perceives in the cedar driftwood. Lenka is seeking to restore connection between lace patterns and nature, which has been all but lost.

Although coming from different directions and disciplines, both artisans share a common ground – love and dedication to their craft. They both prefer to express themselves through creative work rather than words, therefore their written statement is simple:the offering

“Inspired by the tree of life, we are looking into the heart of nature’s beauty with the ‘Offering’.  Pure and natural, following the grain, following the pattern, to understanding and harmony – a gift for all of us.”

the offering



Waves- cedar and metal lace sculpture

Inspired by the ocean, “Waves” was a perfect fit with the ocean theme of this years Art Off The Fence show on Pender Island.  Undulating lines of lace waves shine silver in the moonlight, which is reflected in the silver tones of driftwood on the frame.  Nature’s simple beauty caught for a moment in wood and metal.



Colin Hamilton

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