Stone Patio and Fire Pit

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stone patioThis stone patio with stairs and a fire pit was constructed in a flat area that previously hosted an old cabin.  This project is all made from sandstone placed on 2-4 inches of sand over landscaping fabric, spanning approximately 350 square feet. Thestone fire pit fire pit is mortared with cement, but the patio is all tightly dry fit with sand packed inbetween each flagstone. The fire pit also has a wide ledge for perching next to a small fire inside the 2 foot deep by 4 feet across(inside) pit.   It can also be used to burn larger fires for yard plant waste in a safe way.  The patio is surrounded by a young, rejuvenating fir forest and meadow, with salal and ocean spray.  There is beautiful dappled shade in the summer with an ocean breeze coming from across the street making this patio a relaxing summer hang out.  In winter, a cozy fire and a blanket will make this space a comfortable outdoor retreat.  It certainly is also big enough to host a few dinner parties and gatherings throughout the year.    The client sent me this picture of the space being used in just that way recently.  Enjoy!

Fire pit partystone patio and fire pit


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