Bowen Bench

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A bench for Bowen Island- This is a custom commissioned 5′ bench made from salvaged old growth red cedar.  Made with mortise and tenon joinery with hardwood pegs.  I split the cedar by hand to get the shapes and sizes of pieces for the bench, then sanded each piece smooth to the touch so that it is comfortable to sit on inside or out.  I picked pieces of wood that have a nice curve to them for the back legs so that the seat would be slightly leaning back to make the bench comfy to sit in.  I like to leave aspects of the driftwood feel when I can, as it shows where the wood came from and provides a wonderful contrast to the amazing colours and smoothness of the rest of the bench.  In this bench I left the back of the bench as the raw driftwood, just the way I found it on the beach.  I grew up with many influences around arts and crafts, Green & Green, and craftsman traditions, you can see these in the simple design and flow of the bench.  I hope it is enjoyed over on Bowen Island!


Colin Hamilton

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