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Thuja Wood Art

Thuja Wood ArtThuja Wood Art is a family business based on Pender Island, BC (Canada) focused on sustainable artistic woodworking through the use of reclaimed, recycled, and sustainably harvested old growth red cedar.  After studying visual arts and years of traveling the world, owner Colin Hamilton settled on the west coast of Canada and began his journey into exploring the art of handsplit red cedar. Fifteen years and two children later, Colin and his wife, Wendi and kids Taeven & Cedar would like to share their love of red cedar and art with you…

The idea for Thuja Wood Art came from many years of travel and searching for a creative outlet which would have a low environmental impact, and allow our family to live in a small rural community.

Our goal is to create sustainable, eco-friendly, green furniture. To help forward a positive change to how we treat our environment, our earth.  Thuja Wood Art is a member of the EcoHomesNetwork on Pender Island, a collaborative of like minded green businesses wanting to help educate and spread the word about sustainable and green building.

Colin’s personal commitment to sustainability includes many courses he has taken in renewable energy through Solar Energy International, including solar, wind, and microhydro.  Family- 2013He has spent the last 4 years designing and building a strawbale, timberframe home with his family, using earthen plasters, local straw bales, reclaimed timbers, and incorporating a living roof.   Colin also built a cob woodworking shop on the property, providing a beautiful and healthy space for storing wood and constructing his work.  His wife, Wendi, has been chronicling these building processes in a web log, Inspirational Village.  Colin runs both his family vehicle and work truck on bio-diesel and straight vegetable oil in an effort to reduce emissions, and utilize waste vegetable oil by recycling it into fuel. This commitment has intentionally become a part of what makes Thuja Wood Art’s services unique and desirable.

Design Statement

fairy-throneRed cedar is always teaching me ways to work with it.  I base my designs on simplicity and function, with inspiration that comes from the trees, and nature, as the wood will show me what it wants to be.  My fathers’ influence as an Arts & Crafts style woodworker is also easily seen in my work, along with my interest in traditional Japanese carpentry.  The artifacts I create fit naturally into their environment- growing as a tree would, from the ground up, well balanced in the center of strength and beauty.