Driftwood Sculptures

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This summer I had the opportunity to experiment for the first time sculpture 1with doing some sculptures from the old growth red cedar driftwood I salvage.  I really enjoyed this and hope to do much more in the future.  Most of the design flows from the wood itself.  Like in my furniture, I decided that it would be nice to see some of art show-sculpture the driftwood the way it was when I found it (silver with burls or unique twists and dips), so I have left areas on each sculpture raw.  This provides a great contrast to the sanded smooth and oiled wood of the rest of the piece.  They are stained with Landark Natural Finish (Tung oil, Linseed oil, Pine rosin, Citrus, and Beeswax).  I mounted both sculptures on local sandstone bases.  Both of these pieces were made for an art show (Iron, Wood & Canvas) I did this past summer with 3 other Pender artists (Stan Oglav- ferro-magnetic sculptures, Sandy and Malcolm Armstrong- Watercolour, oil & acrylic paintings) at the Sea Star Winery.  I will be doing another group art show at the Sea Star Winery on Dec.6th with these sculptures included.  Hope to see you there…art show- sculpture 1sculpture


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