New Garden Enclosure

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This fun little project was for some amazing friends of mine, guitarist Adam Dobres and his wife, artist Elspeth McLean.  They wanted to enclose a small space in the yard to grow a garden and create an outdoor room to hang out.   They decided to use the end of the deck as the start of the outdoor space so we needed some fencing to keep the deer out, but wanted it to also be tied into the deck space.  Their neighbour was giving away some large windows which were coloured with arts & crafts style designs, so we used one and built it into the fencing along the end of the deck.  This way you can see from the deck through to the outdoor space and garden.

The garden gate entrance became a four post arbour with lattice side panels which they will grow some vines up and over in the near future.  The whole fence (including the gate) undulates gently between the buildings, mimicking nature and drawing your eye away from the straight rigid structures.   Everything is made from red cedar driftwood I salvage and split by hand into the lumber needed to build the fence and gates.  The posts are all off the ground mounted on metal post saddles.  Without any coatings on the wood it will  turn a lovely silver over time in the sun.  The pintle strap hinges are on the backside of the gate, and the sprung gate latch is one of my designs made by Thistle Rock Forge.


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