Cedar Arbour and Fence

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This project is an addition to an existing project just down the street from me (see the past blog about the neighbours that have the continuous fence and matching gates!).  This little section of fence and walkthrough arbour are on the other side of the house from the driveway gates and will open up the area between the two houses on the property.   All of the red cedar wood for this project was salvaged from old growth driftwood found on the beaches around here.  I split the wood by hand (using a froe, as you would with splitting shakes/shingles)  to the dimensions I want for building the fence and arbour.  I like to mount all the posts on metal post brackets to keep the wood off the ground, this ensures the wood will last a long time and never stay wet for to long.  To create a covered walkthrough where the clients’ rose could grow up and over I built a simple 4 post arbour.  I had some fun with weaving some cedar strips in the spaces between the posts to create a lattice the vines could grow up.  There is one more section of fence to go in this project, and I hope to get to that in the spring 2021!


Colin Hamilton

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