Salt Spring Project

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This split cedar project is on Salt Spring Island.  The client wanted to replace a metal wire fence with some nicer and more permanent cedar fencing as well as add a gate and a couple of arbours for growing on.  As usual I started with putting in metal post brackets set in concrete to keep the wood up off the ground.  After splitting all the wood needed for the project from old growth cedar driftwood I salvaged on beaches around the islands, I bolted the posts to the brackets and installed the rails with 4″ screws.  Next goes up the grapestakes (split cedar pickets/fencing) which are the only thing I use nails for (galvanizd spiral ardox) as I find screws hold the wood much better for the most part.

Then I built the small arbour over the entrance and installed the hand split cedar gate (mortise and tenon joinery) with custom metal hinges and sprung latch.  The second arbour is much bigger as it stands over 9′ tall, 10′ wide and 12′ long.  It’s often hard to find and split pieces this long on the beach, but I was able to find them with no problems.  I used 16″x 1/2″ lag bolts to attach the main beams to the posts, and smaller lag bolts to attach the top rails to the beams.  The client already had several kiwi plants ready to start growing up the posts!

I can’t wait to come back in a few years and see how the kiwis are growing over the arbour!


Colin Hamilton

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