Memorial Bench for a Cyclist

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Another opportunity to build a memorial bench that would live in my community came my way when an older friend and cyclist passed on last year.  The community got together to raise funds and organized with me to create a memorial bench that would be permanently installed on a community path for all to rest with a lovely view.  It is an perfect celebration of his life and commitments.

This bench is made entirely from salvaged red cedar driftwood.  I collect the wood from local beaches and split it by hand to create the shapes and pieces needed for the bench.  Once all the pieces are fitted, I use a  Festool domino joiner to make mortise and floating tenon joints.  I glue up the bench in sections doing the sides first, then back and seat, and finally adding the armrests.  I sanded most of the bench smooth but left the back of the seat rough and weathered as I found it on the beach to grey in the sun.

I love working with clients to create and design what I will carve and paint on the back of the bench.  The client gave me what it should say and I came up with this simple design curving the lettering to give the impression of the sun, and adding an image of a cyclist which looked very similar to Garth as he used to ride around the island.  I used a Foredom professional carving tool to carve the design after drawing it on the bench back with the help of an old art projector.  Then I painted the carved lettering with OneShot professional signpaint.  When it was all done I finished the bench with 2 coats of OSMO exterior UV protection oil.

If you are interested in a memorial bench please contact me, and lets see if we can make something to fit your project and ideas!


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