Cowan Coffee Table

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Another great project.  This one was made with love for friends on Salt Spring Island.  This is a custom coffee table – 4′ long, by 32″ wide and 16″ tall, with a shelf underneath.  The wood is all salvaged red cedar driftwood except for the 2 pieces I used for the shelf which were cedar milled from my own property.  The table top is made of 3 pieces glued together, the outside pieces being from the same log.  The middle piece has some very unique colouring making the black pattern.  I am still not sure what causes this in the cedar.  But I do find these multi-coloured pieces every once in awhile, and they are like treasure, to be used for certain projects like this.  For the legs I used pieces of cedar with funky curves and splayed them out.  You might notice on one of the legs I left the driftwood grey colour where there was a natural knot.  I love the contrast between the driftwood greys and the sanded reds of the cedar, so I often try to leave some grey on many of my pieces where it fits.  One note for those making coffee tables is to make sure when you attach the table top to the base you do it in a way that the table top can expand and contract.  I do this by drilling a notch that is longer across the grain (of the top wood)  in the base.  Then use a screw with a washer that is bigger than the notch, and put the screw in the middle of the notch so it could move either direction a little if it needs to.   Enjoy the table James and Shannon!


Colin Hamilton

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