Two Memorial Benches

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Over the last year I had the honour of being asked to make 2 memorial benches for David and Isabel Spalding, long time Pender residents who both passed away within a year of each other.

Both benches are made from hand split, salvaged red cedar driftwood.  I purposely left the back of the benches as raw, weathered silver driftwood, to contrast the smooth front and arm rests that are touched and handled.  The bench pieces are glued together with mortise and floating tenon joinery using the Festool Domino Joiner.  Both benches are about 6′ long and easily sit 2 people.  I played with the different natural colours of the cedar to get contrast in the bench and create symmetry.  The benches are sanded and finished with 2 coats of OSMO natural exterior oil finish.  Into the back of each bench I carved and painted a quote the family chose for their parents, along with a plaque provided.  I love being able to support the memory of loved ones in a custom bench, and the family love the feel of sitting on the bench out on the point enjoying the view and feelings they remember of David and Isabel.

If you are interested in a memorial bench please contact me, and lets see if we can make something to fit your project and ideas!


Colin Hamilton

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