Tracy’s Gate

768 1024 Thuja Wood Art - Reclaimed Cedar Furniture Wood Art Vancouver Victoria Gulf Islands British Columbia

Tracy's gateThis is a funky gate I made for a friend from hand split salvaged red cedar.  She does amazing stained glass work and is currently working on my Bowen gates project that should be completed this summer sometime.  This pedestrian gate is made with all mortise and tenon joinery.  The backside of the stiles and angle bracing in the middle are notched top and bottom for the pickets to sit into.  Tracy is planning on doing a stained glass window in the opening at the top. (I can’t wait to see that!)  The latch is one of my sprung latch designs custom made here on Pender Island.  Just behind the gate is the sunny porch on the front of her strawbale house…. a beautiful spot on the islands.


Colin Hamilton

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