Cedar Bench

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This is new hand split cedar bench I made for a client on Salt Spring Island this summer.  It was commissioned to sit in a special garden in memory of a loved one.  I love these projects.  They mean so much to me and the clients.  Its very satisfying to create something that will help bring back memories and give a place to sit and contemplate everything.  I tried to make this bench fairly relaxed, so it leans back nicely and is very comfortable to sit in.  It is about 6′ long.  You will notice the name ‘Vin’ carved into the bench as well in loving memory.  The bench is made from reclaimed red cedar driftwood I salvaged from the beaches here along the BC coast.  All the joints are glued mortise and tenon. The bench is finished with OSMO exterior wood oil finish (environmentally safe stamped), except the back which I left as I found it raw and weathered on the beach!  This creates a wonderful contrast between the sanded red and smooth wood and the rough grey driftwood that it was found as.


Colin Hamilton

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