Hand split Asian Gong Arbour

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I had a fun time making this torii gate and gong stand.   The design of the stand is based on the traditional Japanese torii gate, with a large top beam that curves upward on each end, and a smaller crossbar underneath it.  In Japan, this design is most often seen as anAsian Gong Stand entrance to a scared space, and large enough to walk through.  This one is around 5′ tall and I have hung an old Asian gong from the crossbar.  The gong has a wonderful low tone and rings out nicely.  It comes with a nice mallet as well.  I have made this piece for a garden or near an entrance.  The stone bases for the posts, which have half inch rebar sticking up into the wooden posts, can be removed by lifting the posts off when moving the structure around.  The wood is all reclaimed red cedar driftwood that I salvaged from local beaches.  In the cedar there are some very interesting curves and unique wood characteristics that help transform the normal, while expressing nature’s unpredictable beauty.  This is what makes each piece unique- as the cedar is split by hand and not milled, no two pieces will ever be the same as it follows the grain.


Colin Hamilton

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