K&N Bench

1024 768 Thuja Wood Art - Reclaimed Cedar Furniture Wood Art Vancouver Victoria Gulf Islands British Columbia

This hand split cedar bench was designed to be a little more reclining for the relaxing enjoyment of the owners while they look out over the ocean view.  They also asked me to carve their initials into the back of the bench (like lovers would do…) and this personalizes it very nicely.  For this bench I found a really nice piece of cedar driftwood that curved both up a bit in the middle and out a bit at the back making it very cuddly as it seems to bring the two people sitting in it more together as you lean back, a nice feature I will have to remember…  This piece also had a interesting knot/hole in it which has become a beautiful feature in the middle of the bench back.  Again I have left the back of the bench with the raw weathered driftwood look the way I found it, giving a lovely contrast to the smooth and colourful palette of the rest of the wood.  To keep the wood off the ground I have drilled holes into some nice flat pieces of sandstone and screwed them to the bottom of the bench legs, this in turn will also help someone walking away with it as it now weighs a lot more! The bench is finished with a light oiling to bring out the colours, then a final clear coat of Cedar Seal to help protect it against the sun and outdoor elements.


Colin Hamilton

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