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In the fall I was asked to be apart of a workshop on making a living, while doing what you love, which is art!  The workshop was presented by the Heartwood Folk School here on Pender Island, their mission is:

To teach practical, joyful, Earth-caring and community-strengthening classes to adults and also younger folks.  Come learn about food growing, sustainable energy, traditional arts and skills, and also wellbeing and community capacity building.

Myself and two other local artist’s – Andrea Spalding and Elspeth McLean were asked to lead the workshop and share how we make a living with our art.  The workshop was well attended and we discussed what we do, but also where we find inspiration and the importance of creative value in our lifestyles.  Topics were the joys and pitfalls of self-employment, how the internet helps us live in this small island community, and how we all incorporate recycling into our art amongst many other ideas.  This was a great way to connect with our local community and answer questions and discuss doing what we love and making a living at it, which is a hard thing to follow through with for many of us, I feel lucky to have been able to make this work in my life.

Thank you to Heartwood and Pender Island for all your support!


Colin Hamilton

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