Handsplit cedar bench ships in pieces with easy reassembly

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Handsplit Red Cedar Bench

This wonderful bench is six feet long and comfortably seats two or three people.  It is made from all salvaged red cedar driftwood.  There is no metal in this bench, as I used traditional mortise and through tenon wood joinery with wedges allowing the bench to be taken apart completely and reassembled with only a mallet.  The pieces that make up the bench were all shaped by hand with a froe, allowing the wood to split with the grain, following the natural curves, which gives it more strength than milled wood.  This bench was designed to live outdoors in California, so the wood was mostly left handsplit, with only the seat and armrests sanded smooth for comfort.  There was no stain applied to the bench as it would be allowed to turn silver in the sun.  Cedar has it own rot resistant properties and will naturally have a long outdoor life without protection.

Cheaper shipping and quick reassembly

When shipping around the world it is good to notice the relationship between weight and volume.  Volumes are given a weight maximum, which essentially means that even if something is relatively heavy, if it will fit into a smaller space it is cheaper to ship.  This bench weighed 90 pounds, which turned out to be close the maximum weight allowance for the size of the package (6′ long by 1′ square).  The bench was taken apart, each piece labeled, and wrapped in cardboard or packaging, packed into a heavy cardboard box, with instructions for reassembly enclosed.  Then it was shipped overnight to California for less than $100 CAN. Once the package reached California, the client unpacked the pieces and, with her son, reassembled the bench with only a mallet.  (If one was not able to do this, it is not hard to find a friend to help, or pay a carpenter the short time it takes to reassemble).  If this bench had been shipped while already assembled one would have to build a wooden crate to protect it (more time and money), and because it is taking up more space (volume) the cost is more even though the weight is the same.  This same bench would cost from $500-1000 CAN to ship assembled, and would not arrive overnight.  I am happy to be able to offer this service for many of my products, especially furniture.  Please note that it is hard to do this with most tables and gates. Please contact me for more information about shipping and ordering any custom woodworking from Thuja Wood Art.


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