Georgia Wynd Address sign

1024 768 Thuja Wood Art - Reclaimed Cedar Furniture Wood Art Vancouver Victoria Gulf Islands British Columbia


This address sign turned out very nicely with the curves leading into each other from the posts through the cap.  It is made from all reclaimed old growth red cedar I salvaged from local beaches and then split by hand.  When you split red cedar it follows the grain so any curve Georgia Wyndthat naturally exists in the tree will be maintained in each split piece.  This allows the wood to keep its natural strength, which is 5-7 times stronger than milled wood (which cannot follow the grain).  All joints are traditional mortise and tenon, glued and pegged.  The lettering and tree design are carved into the cedar and painted with OneShot high quality sign paint.  This sign will go to a lovely home near Vancouver.  It will be mounted on stones with rebar going down through, into the ground.  The wood is finished with Cedar Seal, an exterior clear finish that helps slow UV degradation (which is impossible in sunny places where recoating every year or two is necessary to keep the natural red colours in the cedar).



Colin Hamilton

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