Pond Arbour

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Pond ArbourThis project is one that I have built on my own land beside our swimming pond.  It sits on a deck that we built over a large water cistern where we collect our spring water for domestic use as it flows into the pond. The arbour is made from reclaimed and salvaged red cedar driftwood split by hand allowing the natural curves and twists of the wood, and keeping the strength as it still follows the grain.  The posts are bolted with carriage bolts and timber washers to the deck.  The upper beams have a natural curve and taper, which adds to the artistic design.  Lots of fun wavy pieces were used to give it some flow and feeling of movement.  Soon we will grow a grape vine up onto the top of this structure.  The goal is provide both a shady spot to sit beside the pond in the hot summer months and a source of food grown in an otherwise useless growing area (the deck).  The grapes will hang down and be easy to harvest.  Now all we need to do is find a nice seedless eating variety to use…. any ideas?   I plan on building a bench in the place between the back two posts of the arbour in the future.  I have not stained the wood at all, so over time it will fade to a lovely silver colour, but still maintain its rot resistance from the natural resins in the cedar.  It is already the favorite spot for friends and family to gather as the kids swim!Pond Arbour

Pond Arbour


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