Pender Welcome Sign

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Welcome to Pender!  This was a fun collaborative sign project I was hired to do with another Pender artist Sharron Cuthbertson (Sign Artistry) by the Pender Island Chamber of Commerce.  We were asked to design and create a ‘Welcome to Pender’ sign that all would see as they arrived on the island.  First we spent some time designing the style of the sign and then Sharron designed the lettering and background which she hand painted.  I built the main posts and beam of the sign from salvaged red cedar driftwood that I split by hand and shaped.  The wood for the painted portion of the sign is also cedar but we purchased wide milled material which I glued together and cut into the shapes to fit our design.  The design also accommodated the way the milled wood was attached to the posts with notching and brackets on the backside.  I love collaborating and it was great to get to work with Sharron and get to know her, as I have always admired her paintings at group art shows we have been in together.


Colin Hamilton

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