Four Bedside Tables

1024 768 Thuja Wood Art - Reclaimed Cedar Furniture Wood Art Vancouver Victoria Gulf Islands British Columbia

Two pairs of bedside tables- each one uniquely made from reclaimed hand split red cedar.  These little tables are all 18″ deep by 28″ tall, with the small ones 12″ wide and large ones 30″ wide.  They are meant to go on either side of the bed in both master and guest bedrooms.  The client specifically asked for a drawer in one of the tables for her husband.  The tables are all made with mortise and tenon wood joinery.  I sanded smooth most of the frame and shelves, then left the sides hand split for a nice texture contrast.  The wood is finished with Landark Natural Oil (Tung oil, Linseed oil, beeswax, citrus, and Pine rosin).  The table tops are made from recycled glass.


Colin Hamilton

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