Wood Art

Unique, Functional Art for the Home & Garden

Are you looking to enhance your garden with a bench or gate, enclose a private space, or have a spot in your home just right for that funky piece of furniture or sculpture? With Thuja Wood Art, each artifact is ‘one of a kind’. Whether it is a hand-split cedar picture frame around your favorite nature print, or a small meditation structure by a creek, Thuja Wood Art can help design and build functional art into your home and garden.

wood artCreative Design

Hand-split cedar lends itself very well to more artistic designs because each piece of wood is unique when split, and we cannot predict the exact look of the final product, so we strive to make sure that it will be beautiful and just right for your setting. We use mostly hand tools, as modern machinery is designed for milled wood with square sides. Much of the design is done by eye, letting the wood fit in natural curves and joints.

Thuja Wood Art founder, Colin Hamilton, is always building new designs, and welcomes commissioned pieces. We enjoy including metal, stained glass, tile, or other interesting objects into our gates and furniture. If you have a special piece you would like built into a gate please let us know. Even a yak bell from Tibet can customize your project. (As one client recently brought me, and you can see built into the gate pictured above.  It  makes a lovely low clanking sound as you open and close the gate.)

Carving and painting are two more ways Colin works artistically with the cedar. A simple design can really make a piece stand out. In a effort to use even the leftover pieces from bigger projects Colin has made a wide variety of other smaller handsplit cedar artifacts, like picture frames, cedar boxes, and birdhouses.wood art

“If you have an idea in mind I will do my best to help bring it to life.”
– Colin Hamilton

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