12″ Forged Hinge


Hand forged 12″ pintle hinge with scrolled end detail, and two  3/8″ mounting holes.  Hung with 3/4″ pintel (sold separately).



Hand forged 12″ pintel gate hinge.  Made from 2″ steel bar with scroll end details (3-1/2″ at widest).  Has 2 mounting holes (3/8″) at 3″ and 8″ from end.  I recommend using 5/16″ or 3/8″ carriage bolts to mount hinges onto gate (not included, purchase the length you need at your local hardware store).  These hinges are specifically made to sit more in the centre of the gate stile so are mounted on the front or back of the gate with the pintel hole in line with the wood (not facing away from gate as many gates are set up to open only one way), this allows the gate to open both directions if desired. Please check out our video on installing hinges HERE.  These hinges work best with gates up to 4′ wide (for wider gates see our 16″ hinges).  You will need either 3/4″ pintel lag bolts or 3/4″ pintel carriage bolts to install on your post which the hinges will sit on, we sell those (see below) or purchase at your local hardware store.

* Ships in 1-3 weeks

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12.5984 × 4.33071 × 1.9685 in
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