The Offering

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the offering This collaborative art piece called The Offering was done with Lenka Suchanek of White Rock, BC.  Lenka works in the centuries old European techniques of handmade bobbin lace and needle lace, bringing them to life in pictures, sculptures and wearable art. Specializing in metal lace, she uses fine wires of copper, bronze, steel, and precious metals to create unique pieces that are traditional and modern at the same time. Lenka’s work has been exhibited around the world, and received awards and recognition for the original approach to the traditional craft.  For this project, I created the red cedar frame from reclaimed driftwood I salvaged here on the BC coast.  Designed to reflect a traditional Tibetan Buddhist mandala outline, I made it with asian gates on each side as the mandala focuses on each direction as well.  The square surrounds the circle, but also flows around it.  If you look carefully you will see that each side of the frame tapers slightly with the grain of the cedar.  The other unique thing of note is that I have not coloured the cedar frame, but found the wood on the beach already this black/grey colour.  The frame is finished with natural oil.  Lenka then designed and created the mandala, with this in mind~

In the Mandala, the energy radiates from the centre, which represent depths of the earth (stones and crystals) and the ocean (bamboo coral and shell). Three colours of water symbolize the underground, surface and ocean water bodies. Water brings fertility and abundance to the soil and to people – offerings

the offeringof flowers and fish. Natural cycle is protected by the coastal mountains around and sky from above, and governed by the moon. All is connected and therefore in harmony. Cedar frame, carrying the wisdom of the tree of life, creates a sacred space for reflection and meditation which leads to understanding and fulfilment…


All of materials used in the design are from BC:

  • Red cedar wood
  • Wire: Enamelled copper and stainless steel (in outer “sky”circle)
  • Semi-precious beads (from centre >):
  • Nephrite (BC jade)
  • Almandine Garnet
  • Shell
  • Rose Quartz
  • Bamboo Coral
  • Rhodochrosite
  • Clear Quartz Crystal
  • Calcite (flower centres)
  • Blue Tiger’s Eye (fish eyes)
  • Shell (full and crescent moons)
  • Black lip shell (dark moon)


Dimensions are roughly 24″x 24″

This piece is was in several art shows this past summer and is currently for sale, we are asking $3000.


Colin Hamilton

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