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sprung latchI have been working with metalsmith Callum McKay on Pender Island to design and build these new sprung latches for my projects.  These new designs are essentially the same design as the other forged metal latches I have done in the past.  They are a simple sprung latch that mounts on the side of the gate stile and the catch is mounted on the post.  These latches work the same by pushing down on the handle releasing the latch from the catch, and when you close it the latch slides into the catch and holds firm in the closed position.  sprung latch handle detailThe catches can allow the gates to open both ways, or just one way and have a stopper.  These latches are designed for gates with wood or metal stiles up to 2″ thick.  They are made with high quality stainless steel and will never rust.  They can also be easily painted any colour. There are two different designs for the handle, one with the big spiral, and one with a smaller curl.   A big thank you to Callum McKay of Stainless By Design for his work making these new latches a reality!  sprung latch 3


sprung latch 2



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