Handsplit Cedar Driveway Gate Project

500 375 Thuja Wood Art - Reclaimed Cedar Furniture Wood Art Vancouver Victoria Gulf Islands British Columbia

This project was an exciting collaboration with George Hudson, a fantastic local metalsmith.  I designed the woodworking for the gates to allow the handsplit redcedar to be joined with mortise and tenon joinery, then pegged with hardwood.  Then together George and I designed the style and patterns that would allow the metalwork and woodwork to flow together.  The metal allows me to do things with the wood design that I cannot do normally… and brings a whimsical nature to the project.  George used rolled steel and copper to create a texture and feel that fits with the handsplit cedar woodworking which is never straight and full of character.  These gates are big, spanning over 16′ of driveway and over 6′ tall.  Along with the gates we did matching panels and a pedestrian gate to fit the existing stone columns creating the entrance to this waterfront property.  George also forged all the gate hardware, hinges and latches.  The gates are opened with electric gate openers which are mounted on the stone columns with an arm attaching to the lower rail hardware.  Check out my testimonials page to hear from the proud new owners of these beautiful gates!

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