Handsplit red cedar coffee table

1024 768 Thuja Wood Art - Reclaimed Cedar Furniture Wood Art Vancouver Victoria Gulf Islands British Columbia

This coffee table was commissioned as a wedding present for a young couple here on the island.  I quickly got to work on it, finding some nice wide slabs of red cedar I had salvaged from the beach which I planed down to make the top of the table. The design I came up with works well to show the nice curvy pieces of cedar used for the legs and rails. The table is sanded smooth and oiled with a natural wood finish called ‘Landark’ (used a lot on timber frames and furniture).  I love the smell of it, as it has a nice hint of citrus which blends well with the fragrant cedar.  This project is one of a kind, made with lots of love, I only hope that Luke and Angie will enjoy this table for the rest of their lives together…please visit Lukes websites lukeramseystudio.com, to see his art, adventures and amazing collaborations with many other artists.


Colin Hamilton

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