California Quail Sign

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This sign project was fun.   I used some nice curvy red cedar for the posts and cap.  The sign is two pieces of cedar bookended to create a dark to light to dark effect that draws your eyes straight to the sign with the address and picture.  The client lives in Northern California and requested a quail on their address sign as it is one of their favorite native birds in the area.  The sign is made entirely from red cedar driftwood that I salvaged and hand split. The joinery is traditional mortise and tenon, glued with pegs.  The picture on the left shows the details nicely.  The picture on the right is what it looks like installed at the clients property entrance.  To install the sign I recommended rebar in cement under the stones, which comes up into a hole in the bottom of each post.  This is a sturdy way to mount it, keeping it off the soil so it will last a long time.



Colin Hamilton

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