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Pender Island Links

Lenka’s Way of Lace

Lenka Suchanek is a self-taught lacemaker and lace designer.  She works in the centuries old European techniques of handmade bobbin lace and needle lace, bringing them to life in pictures, sculptures and wearable art. Specializing in metal lace, she uses fine wires of copper, bronze, steel, and precious metals to create unique pieces that are traditional and modern at the same time. Lenka’s work has been exhibited around the world, and received awards and recognition for the original approach to the traditional craft.  Lenka and Colin have completed two collaborative projects together and hope to continue doing so in the future.

The Cafe at Hope Bay

Delicious meals on the water front in historic Hope Bay, Pender Island.  We graciously collect all their veggie oil to run our two vehicles!  Thanks for the fuel!

Macleod Timber Framing

Garrett MacLeod and I have been friends since I moved to Pender Island, and we continue to work together and support each other.  Garrett and I built the timber frame for my strawbale house as well.  We are both members of the EcoHomesNetwork on Pender Island.

Islands Fold & Luke Ramsey Studio

Islands Fold™ is an independent publisher and artist residency created and operated by Angela Conley and Luke Ramsey.  Please check out their websites and enjoy the amazing art and zines.

Jude Farmer

Jude is another fantastic woodworker here on Pender Island who is a friend and mentor.  He has a wealth of knowledge and has been inspiring to work with and I have learned much from him.  Also a member of the EcoHomesNetwork on Pender.

Mae Moore & Lester Quitzaw

Mae and Lester live across the street from me here on Pender Island.  I love their music, and positive outlook on life and making the world a better place.  My other job is sound engineering, and I have worked with both Mae and Lester for many years mixing sound for their live concerts around the Islands.  Please check out their music and I am sure you will enjoy!

EcoHomesNetwork on Pender Island, BC.

The EcoHomesNetwork is a collaborative of Pender Island based like minded green businesses and individuals wanting to help educate and spread the word about sustainable and green building.  My family and business are part of this network, and help with annual events such as our EcoHome Tour, Symposiums, and the local Fall Fair natural building demonstration area.

Pender Island Community Network

Community network website for Pender Island.  Find out everything local from events, blogs, classifieds, to news and weather.  This website is run as a community volunteer project by Islands Interactive, a local couple who do amazing websites (including mine!) Please check out their website, as they are also trying to encourage and support more sustainable businesses.


Tracy Calvert and Pat Hennebery are both amazing natural builders, and friends as well.  Learn about natural building with cob, strawbale, small home design, foundations, roofs, plastering, and so much more… and the best part is its so much fun!

Inspirational Village

This is my wife Wendi’s blog, and it is wonderful!(OK I might be a bit biased…but I dont think so)  It is truly inspirational, covering topics like natural building, photography, poetry, home schooling, arts (she is big into fiber arts) and music.  She has a way with words, and a good eye for composition.  She loves to inspire through sharing, and I think she has done just that… she’s got some cute kids too!