How to Order

Placing an Order

We welcome commission work as well as offering our own originals. Most of the items you have seen on this website already have homes. But not to worry, if you saw something you liked, or have a whole new idea, let us know and we can work on designing to meet your needs.

All of our artifacts are created on a custom order basis. Please allow for generous lead time as we are currently very busy. Please contact us for more specific production times.


All items are priced on an individual basis. That said, we can give some starting prices (please note these are lowest prices for items and the more complicated, sanded, stained and finished, or with additional metalwork, the more the cost will go up…)

Also please note that at this time we are not selling red cedar materials such as fencing on its own, only with installed projects. (but we have been known to make exceptions on the rare occasion…)  We are also temporarily out of stock with gate hinges and latches, but should have more in the near future. We will still continue to do custom hardware for gate projects, please feel free to contact us with any questions…

  • Garden gates (mortise and tenon) $900-$1500 (the higher price is for extra finishing, and/or additional metalwork)
  • Garden gates (Z style) $400
  • Driveway gates – (mortise and tenon/pair) $4000-$20,000 (based on time/artistic/finishing/and additional metalwork/hardware)
  • Benches with backs and armrests (mortise and tenon) –  $1500 – $2500
  • Smaller tables (indoor coffee tables, night tables, etc.) $500-$2000
  • Large tables (outdoor/indoor dining) $1500-$5000
  • Custom handsplit redcedar fencing starts at $50 per foot installed (note: at this time we are not selling raw cedar fencing materials)

These prices do not include shipping, customs/brokerage, or applicable taxes.


We can ship items anywhere in the world. Freight is based on volume and weight. Since many of our products can be built in a way that they can be taken apart, shipped in pieces(less volume), and reassembled by you or a carpenter, this lowers shipping costs considerably. Please contact us for more information on shipping costs.