Nighthawk Hill Sign

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Nighthawk Hill SignThis handsplit cedar sign was built for a property called Nighthawk Hill with a conservation covenant recently placed on it.  It is a lovely property on Pender Island with a wonderful hybrid cob and strawbale house and beautiful gardens on an acreage.    The sign is made from old growth red cedar that I salvaged from the local beaches here in the gulf islands.  I used mortise and tenon wood joinery with pegs to assemble the sign.  It was fun to study pictures and create an image of the nighthawk that would work with just black and white spaces.  sign paintingI carved this into the wood with the lettering which is a mostly a font I liked, but to make the writing more clear to read from the road I changed some of the fancy lines in the title simplifying it.  Starting with this sign I have been trying out a new clear coat finish for outdoor applications called Cedar Seal.  It is a non-petroleum based polymer product with an environmentally safe stamp.  It should provide a longer life and help hold the woods natural colour longer than many other natural coatings.







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