Kierans Fence Project

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Kieran's fenceThis is a great fencing project on Pender Island.  156′ long, it follows the driveway from near the road down into the yard and along the side of the orchard.  We started by working with the client to come up with something they really liked to meet their needs of privacy, function and art.  Then we dug holes for the posts, filled them with concrete and metal post saddles to keep the wood up off the ground permanently.  This way they will not rot as they do when placed directly in the ground or cement.  The posts are bolted to the saddles, then rails and caps are attached to the posts with 4″ screws.

Kieran's fenceAs always in my projects all the wood is salvaged and reclaimed red cedar from local driftwood.  With this design the vertical fence pickets (traditionally called grapestakes when hand split cedar) are nailed to the outside of the rails, and placed with small gaps for privacy.  I cut them into nice flowing curves under the top cap to create some movement along the fence.  Then I added some more design elements with flowing lines made from bent split cedar pieces screwed to the fence, and undulating into the open spaces and down the length of the fence.  At one point in the fence, a whole panel opens up as a gate allowing access when needed.  Near the road we did a fun feature using curved cap pieces to step the fence down in sections into the salal and end it only a few feet high.


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